The purpose of "NFL INTERNATIONAL" is to promote the development and the organization NO FINISH LINE® in worldwide.

The association "NFL INTERNATIONAL" grants licensees the exploitation of the name, the trade mark and the concept of NO FINISH LINE® in order that 52 NO FINISH LINE® are organized in the world once a week.

The goal of the association "NFL INTERNATIONAL" is the promotion, defense and respect of Children’s Rights in the world, as well as the protection and improvement of their welfare and life conditions in support projects in their favor, by the fundraising of each NO FINISH LINE® organized in the world.

The association "NFL INTERNATIONAL" may also organize sporting, cultural or artistic events, as well as any other commercial or real estate action directly linked to her goal and making it possible to raise funds for the benefit of organizations, associations or persons notorious for improving the conditions of children.

The association also reserves the possibility of considering the creation of a foundation to relay, complete or substitute her action, subject to governmental authorizations.

Current No Finish Line ®

NFL Monaco 18th edition - Nov. 2017 14 280 participants

436 963€ donated et kms traveled
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NFL Paris 4th edition - May 2018 8 500 participants

130 673€ donated et kms traveled
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NFL Athènes 2nd edition - April 2018 7 616 participants

95 063 kms traveled 47 801€ donated
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NFL Nice 1st edition - June 2018 3 205 participants

53 553€ donated et kms traveled
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NFL Oslo 2nd edition - Sept. 2018 -- participants

-- kms traveled --€ donated
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