How to organize a No Finish Line ®

You want to organize a No Finish Line® in your country/town, please see below some specifications.


The idea is simple: to run or walk the circuit. The circuit will be open around the clock for 8 days & nights. It’s participant’s choice to take part for one hour, or to run a marathon (or more !) a day. It’s up to each participant to take part alone or as part of a team.

This race is open to everyone, licenced or otherwise, runners or walkers.

Each participant should attach their own electronic chip at the start. Any participant aiming to run or walk several times over the 8 day competition will be given one chip only and will therefore only pay one subscription for the whole duration of the race. Each lap of the circuit will be counted electronically once the competitor passes the sensor: the chip will detect the lap and will beep to confirm registration.



  • If estimations < 1000 competitors, length < 1 000 m
  • If estimations < 3000 competitors, length < 1 500 m
  • If estimations < 8000 competitors, length < 2 000 m
  • If estimations > 8000 competitors, length < 2 500 m

If possible, few bends which must be very wide,
Minimum width: 4m per lane, i.e. 8m for both ways,
Surface: asphalt or hard floor, flat and regular (compacted earth); non-slippery in the event of rain, no cobbles, stones, gravel, must not turn into a "swimming pool" or muddy trail as soon as it rains.


Request all relevant authorisations from local authorities in order to have the circuit closed to traffic and the public for the 8 days: the lanes must be reserved solely for No Finish Line® competitors,
The circuit must be marked out by barriers, plastic blocks and taping.


Changing rooms and showers so that participants are able to change along the circuit, as well as toilets (at least 1 toilet for every 500 competitors), The course must be lit up at night (open 24h/24h), Electricity supply for the timing system, lighting, beverage dispensers, sound system,... Registration area (15 m2 minimum) and technical room (10 m2 minimum timing system) next to the circuit; set up an area for the sale of spin-off products, Chip-based electronic timing system mandatory (number of laps) with checks at each half-lap in order to prevent cheating, Structure (room or tent) of approximately 100 m2 to welcome the participants (tables, chairs, internet terminal for live tracking of results, beverage and coffee dispenser, relaxation area for participants and meeting point,...), Free refreshments available 24h/24h offering a minimum of water, oranges/bananas and cereal bars or biscuits, Free Wi-Fi internet access mandatory, Medical services within proximity: Red Cross, hospital... available 24/7.

Optional, but recommended:

Free parking close by, facilities to gain access to the circuit (metro, tramway, bus...), Facilities to accommodate 10 to 50 competitors taking part in the 8 days from all over the world (tents, mobile homes, cabins, rooms,...) along the circuit, Possibility of organising a 24hr event during the last weekend, or any other race which must be approved by NFL International, Monaco, Sound system for the circuit and/or start/finish area, Podium: ceremonies for the start, finish and award of trophies to individual and team winners, various activities during the NFL (zumba, dancing, singers, other shows, product tests, product stands,...) along the circuit, requiring a sound system with wireless microphone, Facilities for sponsors who require them (exhibitions, sale of products, VIP/guest area...), T-shirt offered to all entrants (or other item with the No Finish Line® logo).


Choice of sponsor extremely important and mandatory: He/she must be well-known in the organising country, charismatic, projecting a sense of solidarity and concern about children who are suffering. He/she must vouch for the No Finish Line®, give credibility to the project… and be a driving force (participants and sponsors) from year 1! The No Finish Line® may also be placed under a High Patronage.

Get the sponsors and teams involved, particularly by asking them to donate 1€ (or 1 unit of local currency) /km covered by the members of their team, a team or an individual. Don't hesitate to display their banner or other material along the circuit.


Involve any local associations that work to promote humanitarian actions (recycling of clothes, shoes, sorting of waste,...) by inviting them to the circuit (dedicated area).
They will talk about the No Finish Line®, they will get participants to come and the No Finish Line® will be a showcase for them.

Involve teams (companies, clubs, associations, local authorities, the forces,...) by asking them to join the teams that are sponsored 1 € (or 1 unit of local currency) per km covered by their members.

Volunteers: during the year, 3 people are enough to carry out all the formalities; allow approximately 1 year from the decision to set up the event to the start of the No Finish Line® ; during the NFL allow for 20 to 30 volunteers to follow on from one another between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.; for the night, set up a partnership with a security firm (service exchange) for a guard (or several) who knows how to secure the site and register participants,

Prizes: at least the top 3 Men and Women in the scratch race, the 1st in each category (cannot be accumulated) and the 1st in each team (company, team1€/km, club, association, forces, school, local authority,...)

Creation of a website specific to the No Finish Line® country/city presenting at the very least the projects given support for the benefit of children, how the race is set up and live tracking of results throughout the 8 days of the event.


The Licensor grants to the Licensee who accepts, the licence to use the name, trademark and concept "NO FINISH LINE®". The Licensor is NFL International, Monaco (owner of the trademark No Finish Line®) and the Licensee, the organizer of the No Finish Line® country/town.

The organising body commits to some points such as:

  • Use the name respecting its spelling, charter for use and graphic guidelines,
  • - The project(s) in aid of children chosen by the organising body, must be approved by the association NFL International at least 6 months prior to the start of the No Finish Line®. This or these project(s) must be exclusively for the benefit of underprivileged or sick children, primarily in the country of the Licensee in which the No Finish Line® is being organised.
  • - The Licensee undertakes to provide the LICENSOR with the Civil Liability insurance certificates for any damages that he/she may cause during the No Finish Line®. He/she must pay particular attention to the safety of participants and volunteers.

The LICENSEE undertakes, throughout the term of this agreement, to use to the best of his/her ability the name, concept and trademark No Finish Line®, the licence for which is hereby conferred to him/her, and to carry out all the relevant and necessary actions and steps in order to promote and organise it under the best conditions possible.

Current No Finish Line ®

NFL Monaco 18th edition - Nov. 2017 14 280 participants

436 963€ donated et kms traveled
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NFL Paris 4th edition - May 2018 8 500 participants

130 673€ donated et kms traveled
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NFL Athènes 2nd edition - April 2018 7 616 participants

95 063 kms traveled 47 801€ donated
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NFL Nice 1st edition - June 2018 3 205 participants

53 553€ donated et kms traveled
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NFL Oslo 2nd edition - Sept. 2018 -- participants

-- kms traveled --€ donated
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