Organize a NFL

If you want to organize a No Finish Line®, here are a few things you need to know or respect to make it a success.

How to organize a No Finish Line ®

To make participants walk or run for 8 days non-stop on a circuit: each person will pay a single registration, registration valid during the 8 days and nights whatever the number of visits or the duration during which the competitor will be present on the circuit.

Each person can come alone or accompanied; he can be part of a team.

The kilometers and laps done by each competitor and by each team are recorded by an electronic timing system and are broadcasted on the circuit and via the internet in an almost instantaneous way.

Lenght :
  • If forecast < 1000 competitors, length < 1000 m
  • If forecast < 3000 competitors, length < 1500 m
  • If forecast < 8000 competitors, length < 2000 m
  • If forecast > 8000 competitors, length < 2 500 m

If possible, few turns and above all they must be very wide,
Minimum width: 4m per lane, i.e. 8m for a round trip,
Surfacing: asphalt or hard ground, flat and regular (compacted earth); not slippery in case of rain, no cobblestones, stones, gravels, must not turn into a “pool” or muddy paths as soon as it rains.

Authorizations :

Request all authorizations from local authorities to have a circuit closed to vehicular traffic and the public during the 8 days: the lanes must be reserved only for the No Finish Line® runners, The circuit must be materialized by barriers, plastic studs and tape.

Amenities :

Changing rooms and showers along the circuit as well as toilets (at least 1 toilet per 500 competitors), The course must be illuminated for the night (circuit open 24 hours a day), Power supply for the timing system, lighting, drink dispensers, sound system, … Registration room (minimum 15 m2) and technical room (minimum 10 m2 timing) at the edge of the circuit; Electronic timing by chips mandatory (number of laps) with control at each half-lap to limit cheating, Structure (room or tent) of about 100 m2 to accommodate participants (tables, chairs, internet terminal for monitoring live results, drinks and coffee distributor, rest spot for participants and meeting point, …), Free refreshments available 24/24h with at least water, oranges / bananas and cereal bars or cookies, Free WiFi internet access mandatory, Medical service nearby: red cross, hospital, … available 24h/24h

Optional, but recommended :

Free parking nearby, Facilities to access the circuit (subway, streetcar, bus, …), Structures to accommodate 10 to 50 runners of the 8 days coming from all over the world (tents, algecos, cabins, local, …) along the circuit, Possibility to organize a 24hrs on the last WE, or any other race to be validated by NFL International, Monaco, Public address system of the circuit and / or start / finish area, Podium : Start, finish and trophy ceremonies for individual and team winners, various animations during the No Finish Line®, (zumba, dances, singers, other shows, product testing, product stands, …) along the circuit involving the presence of a sound system with wireless microphone, Structures for sponsors who wish (exhibitions, product sales, VIP/guest area, …), Handing out of a T-Shirt for any registration (or other object with the No Finish Line® logo,).

The choice of the sponsor is very important and compulsory: he/she must be known by everyone in the organizing country, charismatic, carrying the sense of solidarity and turned towards the suffering children. He/she must be the guarantor of the No Finish Line®, bring credibility to the project… and be a mobilizing force (participants and sponsors) from the first year! The No Finish Line® can also be placed under a High Patronage.

Involve sponsors and teams, in particular by asking them to donate 1 € (or 1 country currency) per km run by the members of their team, a team or an individual. Do not hesitate to put up their banners or other supports along the circuit.

Involve local associations that work for humanitarian actions (clothes and shoes recovery, waste sorting, …) by inviting them on the circuit (dedicated area).
They will talk about the No Finish Line®, they will bring participants and the No Finish Line® will be a showcase for them,

Involve teams (companies, clubs, associations, local authorities, uniforms, …) by asking them to be part of the sponsored teams for 1 € (or 1 currency) per km run by their members.

Volunteers: during the year, 3 people may be enough to accomplish all the tasks; count on about 1 year between the decision to organize and the start of the No Finish Line®; during the No Finish Line®, count on 20 to 30 volunteers taking turns between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm; for the night, plan on a partnership with a security company (service exchange) for the presence of one or more guards who know how to secure the site and register the competitors

Rewards: at least the first 3 men and women scratch, the 1st of each category (no accumulation) and the 1st of each team (company, company 1€/km, club, association, uniform, school, local community, …)

Creation of a website specific to the No Finish Line® country/city presenting at least the projects supported in favor of children, the functioning of the race and the follow-up of the results in live throughout the 8 days of competition.

The Licensor grants the Licensee, who accepts, the license to use the name, brand and concept “NO FINISH LINE®”. The Licensor is the owner of the name No Finish Line® (the Monegasque association NFL International) and the Licensee is the organizer of the No Finish Line® country/city.

The Licensee will be required to commit to various points such as:

  • Respect of a graphic charter,
  • All profits generated by the No Finish Line® must support projects for children chosen by the organizing structure. These projects must be exclusively for the benefit of underprivileged or suffering children, and must take place primarily in the Licensee’s country in which the No Finish Line® is organized.
  • The Licensee undertakes to provide the Licensor with civil liability insurance certificates for any damage he/she may cause during the No Finish Line®. The Licensee shall be particularly responsible for the safety of the participants and volunteers.

The Licensee undertakes, for the entire duration of this contract, to use the name, the concept and the No Finish Line® licensed to it to the best of its ability, and to take all useful and necessary actions and steps to promote and organize it in optimal conditions.

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